"Lawn Chair" Worship! 

Covid-19 Update

Quick Update: There will be no Lawn Chair Worship Service Sunday, July 5th. We will have an online-only service debut on YouTube.  The Lawn Chair Service will return July 12th at 9am!

Beginning Sunday, June 21st at 9am, we will begin our Lawn Chair Worship Service!  This will include our Praise Team and Pastor Brad.  Here are the details:  

  • The Praise Team and Pastor Brad will lead the service from the small brick garden near the church bell (in front of the main doors to the sanctuary).  
  • Some chairs will be provided but you are strongly encouraged to bring your own “Lawn Chairs.”
  • The sidewalk between the sanctuary and education building and the parking spaces in front of the sanctuary & church bell will be available for sitting. Park accordingly to keep those spaces open.
  • You are STRONGLY encouraged to wear a facemask.  
  • Please keep social distancing at 6 ft and stay with your own family group.  
  • There will be no Passing the Peace time. (If you want to chat with your brothers and sisters in Christ you still can, either before or after the service.)
  • The church restrooms, buildings, and playground will be closed.
  • There will be no bulletins or hand-outs.  
  • A collection bowl will be set up for you to leave any offerings as you arrive or leave (as we normally have done for the 9am Worship Service).
  • There will be no Children’s Sermon, Children’s Church, or Sunday School afterward.
  • We will still have Prayer Time, but prayer requests need to be submitted in advance. You can text them to me (980-521-3531), email them (bcfishjedi@yahoo.com), put them on our website (unionumc.net), or call me before the service. When I share any prayers and they relate to you, feel free to wave. 
  • If you or one of your household has a cough or is feeling ill, STAY HOME. You can watch the service online!
  • If you are uncomfortable in gathering, the worship service will continue to be broadcast online on YouTube and the link will be shared on Facebook and text message. 
  • This is going to be a trial run. Based on how the service goes we will make adjustments as needed.
  • Also we have just activated online tithing! Just click the DONATE tab, as the church continues to share Christ in new ways.
  • Christ's Closet will no longer be accepting donations until we are clear to have future giveaways based on orders from the CDC & Gov. Cooper. Please do not leave any donations at the church until then.
  • Stay safe, stay well, check on your neighbors, and let's embrace creativity as we transform the church, be the Body of Christ in new, creative, and awesome ways! God Bless

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