Union UMC, 1800s - 1930s

The exact date our church was founded is unknown but we do know it was in the early 1800s.  The names of the founding families and ministers are not known.   The first church building was erected off Cuthbertson Road. This building was located in what is now known as the Champion Forest neighborhood. This building burned and another wooden church was erected on this site which also burned.  There is a cemetery near the site of the burned churches and it contains tombstones dating back to the 1820's.   There are many graves marked only with rocks, some of which we believe were older than the engraved tombstones.  In 1888, after the second structure burned, the center of the community had shifted to New Town Road and the congregation bought land on the new road.

Union UMC, 1930 - Today

A small white clapboard church building was built on the present location.  This structure was remodeled in the 1930's, adding red compostion siding and classrooms. That strucure was torn down in 1976 and our present church sanctuary was built on the same site.  For 200 years Union United Methodist Church has welcomed new people into its church family and provided a community setting for worship.  We appreciate all of our members and welcome others into our fellowship.